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Do you wanna be the guy?

2008-04-16 16:33:07 by AlexJS

Last week, Yahtzee reviews Condemned 2: Bloodshot
I added a set of links to stuff here.

Are you a bad enough dude to become The Guy?

Did you say yes?

You don't know what you're in for.

In I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game (there was a movie?), a tribute to old-school gaming, you'll play as The Kid, making his way past several obstacles in his quest to become The Guy.

There's one MAJOR problem with that. The slightest brush with any spike or enemy will make The Kid explode in a shower of blood.

"Oh, but there can't be that many obstacles, right?"

Wrong. And on so many levels.

There are rooms literally LINED with spikes, things that kill you come out of absolutely nowhere, and there are bosses.YES, BOSSES. You have to fight bosses that takes several dozen hits, while you can only take one.

The game is split up by difficulty levels, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Impossible. The easier the level, the more save points you get, and believe me when I say they're a godsend. You get NO save points on Impossible, and there's not a single person that's cleared the game on that difficulty level. All you can do is double jump, and shoot. You don't get any powerups or upgrades whatsoever.

Why would someone play this game? 'Cuz it's so damn hilarious.
Download it for yourself and try. Scroll down at the download page for a full download. If you think you won't make it very far, just download the demo. If you change your mind, your saves can be transferred.

The following is a video from a user called cloud8745 of YouTube, and it's of the first few rooms in the game, and I'm not kidding when I say, THEY GET HARDER. There are 29 parts of these videos, which I haven't watched to prevent spoiling it, and they're hilarious.

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NOTICE: The game really isn't as glitchy as the video would have you believe, only running a recorder will make it glitch a lot. His double jump doesn't respond at times due to the fact that the runs off the ledge without jumping.


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2008-04-16 21:04:20

I have the game downloaded but the controls won't respond :(

I came I read I commented.

AlexJS responds:

It's Z to shoot, LShift to jump. You navigate the menus like this as well.


2008-04-17 14:13:29

Wait, you can post YouTube videos now?

AlexJS responds:

Well yeah, I thought everyone knew...


2008-04-17 14:27:18

Hahaha that game is so funny!

AlexJS responds:

You say that now, but you won't think so after you play it. XD


2008-04-18 13:12:32

But I'm lazy.

Also, new bloggy.

AlexJS responds:



2008-04-19 15:27:55

I've watched alot of Cloud's videos.

I laugh because this drives him insane. About a dozen times.

I've tried it, but I couldn't get past Zangeif for some reason, so I decided "fuck it".

AlexJS responds:

Well, that means you're a quitter, my friend. =3
I've gotten up to... THE GUY.
But the fucker just won't DIE.
And this freakin' RYHMES.


2008-04-20 03:31:18

How did you get the video in the blog?

AlexJS responds:

The imbed video button, duh.


2008-04-20 03:42:10

Oh and what is the video called?

AlexJS responds:

Search "I Wanna Be The Guy" on YouTube, look for a user called cloud8745.


2008-04-20 04:54:25

.....Ignore the other two comments, its late, im sleepy and retarded (not that it is much of a difference) Funny video, I wated up to 7.

AlexJS responds:

lol, stoopid.


2008-04-20 10:25:20

Now that I've watched the video, I think I should arse myself to download it.

AlexJS responds:

Download link is up above, tell me if you need help.


2008-04-21 21:04:03


AlexJS responds:



2008-04-22 11:54:00

I'm gonna raiz yo flash mo!

AlexJS responds:



2008-04-22 11:54:17

o yea, and Happeh Earth day!

AlexJS responds:

Eurf dai? wut dat be?


2008-04-22 23:29:26

How far is the ssbc into the tourny?

AlexJS responds:

Round robin matches end this Friday, then we go into elimination brackets.


2008-04-23 00:53:45

Hey Alex, IWBTG is fun. Finally got past that level, Mike Tyson was easy.

AlexJS responds:

It gets harder.

Don't be a retard and jump into the sword. XD


2008-04-23 16:52:46


...plz? D:

AlexJS responds:



2008-04-26 05:49:35

Hey, is Impossible mode actually impossible?

AlexJS responds:

Let's put it this way. No one has cleared it to date.


2008-05-17 17:14:01

cloud deleted his videos, so im pissed(stares angrily at cloud)